Yellow teeth? Bad. White teeth? Good.

For whatever reason, people have come to associate yellow teeth as ugly. Show a kid a picture of someone with white versus yellow teeth and ask him or her which they think looks better, and they’ll always choose the white teeth.

In our culture where people are always taking close-up photos of themselves and one another, people with yellow teeth get made fun of– sad but true. In some ways, white teeth are a status symbol– and people with them are regarded as richer, cooler and more attractive than people with yellow or stained teeth. That’s just the way it is.

At Crowley Family Dental of Sandusky, we do teeth whitening and help make many people look more attractive.

What causes tooth discoloration? If you’re a regular consumer of dark-colored soda pop, and/or coffee, tea, or red wine, those are all drinks that stain teeth. If you are a smoker, that too can cause discoloration. And then there’s good ol’ aging– the older we get the more likely our teeth will get stained and/or darker– a part of the aging process no one appreciates.

Anyone who cares about their looks and especially wants to look more attractive in photos should definitely experience teeth whitening at Crowley Family Dental in Sandusky. Call and make an appointment today.