Does your mouth feel abnormal? Are you missing a tooth or several teeth? Are your teeth misshapen?

You might need a crown or a bridge to look, feel, talk and chew better.

A crown is basically a cap. It’s placed over a tooth such that it restores the shape and size you need. Cemented into place, it looks and acts just like a “real tooth” would. Thankfully, crowns are strong, allowing you to do what you need to do: talk and chew! People also get crowns to cover up discolored teeth. Crowns can be made from metal, metal alloy, porcelain, ceramic or resin. Want the crown to match the color of your current teeth? Choose resin. Want the strongest crown possible? Choose metal.

How about a bridge? It spans the space where a tooth is missing. The bridge is usually between two crowns and may involve false teeth, too.

Generally, though, bridges are cemented to natural teeth or implants. Replacement teeth get attached to neighboring crowns in order to “bridge the gap.”

Why are bridges important? If you don’t have them, teeth might shift and you’ll have a harder time talking and chewing. The bridge, however, fills in the space where there’d otherwise be a missing tooth/gap.

Want to know more? Crowley Family Dental can get you done in just two visits. The first visit involves taking a mold of your teeth as they are (and you might get a temporary crown). The second visit is the installation/placement of permanent crowns/bridges. You’ll be glad to know that technology makes the whole process less painful than it used to be… so if you’re scared, fret not. We’re here to help you look and feel better in no time.