Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry

Crowley Family Dental of Sandusky is all about making kids and adults feel welcome and at ease in our office.

Dr. Crowley uses the words “compassionate, friendly and patient” when describing how he and his staff interact with patients, including little kids.

Did you know Dr. Crowley see kids as young as 1, and helps them get acclimated to the idea of seeing a dentist regularly? In general, we recommend that all kids see a dentist by at least their third birthday– or sooner. “Start them young” is something we believe in– early dental care helps determine a person’s overall health and well-being for life!

Do you want to just bring your kid to our office to talk with the staff and get a good feel for what happens at the dentist’s office– before he or she actually has to be examined for real? We can do that. Slowly but surely kids can handle seeing a dentist, especially if the staff make their visit enjoyable, with smiles on their faces showing them how to floss and brush properly, etc.

As a pediatric dentist’s office, Crowley Family Dental knows all about tooth growth and development management. From cleanings to X-rays, expect your child to be taken care of in a positive and helpful way. We also enjoy working with parents to help kids take good care of their teeth, encouraging them to make positive choices in what they eat and drink, as well as paying attention to daily care of their gums, tongue, and teeth, etc.

Putting a child at ease is what we do at Crowley Family Dental. If you’re looking for somewhere to take your child for dental care in Sandusky, make your appointment with us today– even if it’s just for a quick visit to see what the office looks and feels like. We look forward to serving kids and adults of all ages, giving lots of people their best smiles in and around Sandusky.