Same Day Emergency Care


Same Day Emergency Care

Not all dentists offer same day emergency care. Dr. Crowley, however, does.

He and his staff want to make sure people with dental emergencies receive prompt attention and care.

You never know when something bad will happen and you’ve got a dental emergency on your hands. It could be at a baseball game when your kid gets hit in the mouth with a ball or bat. It could be at a dance recital when someone’s hand hits your daughter in the mouth and there’s bleeding and tears. Or you could be at work and bite down on something such that you wonder, “What just happened in my mouth? Did I break a tooth? I need to get this checked asap– it hurts!”

Thankfully, Crowley Family Dental of Sandusky offers same day emergency care. Rather than have to painfully wait several days to get seen and taken care of, isn’t it nice to know that there’s a place in Sandusky you can go to right away for same day emergency care?

Why do some people need same day dental emergency care? For starters, there could be excessive bleeding in the mouth, typically from an accident or injury. Other times, someone breaks or dislodges a tooth and it makes them nervous. What about bad swelling? An abscessed tooth will cause that, and it’s not pretty. Finally, there are facial fractures requiring immediate attention because fractures affect bones, gums and/or the mouth.

Rather than being stubborn and trying to “put up with the pain a few days,” don’t hesitate to call Crowley Family Dental and ask for same day emergency care. We take trauma seriously. We are here to help, especially in cases when mouth problems are a matter of life or death. Let us help you relieve suffering– quickly!